Matt Kolsky is not hindered whatsoever by a cumbersome Economics degree from Pomona College. A graduate of Evanston High School (on the northern edge of Chicago) his original career plans were shattered like a Rex Grossman ankle when he was unmercilessly cut from E-Town’s basketball program – it seems even the Freshman B-Team has no use for a 5-foot small forward with limited ballhandling skills. A growth spurt and a number of years later he’s a jack-of-all trades in the sports media. His work history includes writing for the Chicago Sun-Times and the Oakland Tribune, some time as the producer of the Chris Townsend Show and Oakland A’s pre/post-game shows on SportsRadio 95.7 in the SF Bay Area, and a stint as the PR and Media Relations Director for the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA Development League. Kolsky is thrilled to be the current host of Sports Overnight America Weekends, which airs from 10pm to 1am Pacific Time on Saturday and Sunday nights.

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