Here’s a look at the writing career of Matt Kolsky…

  • Blogwork – A lot of Kolsky’s writing has been in blog form – from his early Bulls blogs to the Mr. Kolsky’s Neighborhood blog (which includes some non-sports musings) to blogging for The Chris Townsend Show. These pieces tend to show off Kolsky’s penchant for strong opinions and clever quips, and are written in a deliberately informal style.
  • Sports Satire – As the managing editor of the Serious Sports News Network, Kolsky not only edited every piece of sports satire content that appeared on the site, but also conceived and wrote more than two hundred original pieces. This is just some of the highlights.
  • Game Coverage – Working for both the Chicago Sun Times and the Oakland Tribune, Kolsky has covered games in football, baseball and basketball. It’s very straightforward stuff, but it shows an ability to stay formal and opinion-free.
  • Bakersfield Jam – In his capacity as the PR and Media Relations Director for the Bakersfield Jam, Kolsky has done a lot of writing… It ranges in style from game summaries to press releaes describing everything from charitable foundations to personnel transactions.